We are committed to making a positive impact to our planet,
our tenants, our customers and the people in our communities
touched by our business. Sustainability is not just a function
–it’s our business approach. We invest in green building
designs, sustainable operations, and innovative ways for
waste management. We also try to inspire our tenants
and customers to live a more sustainable life.

Contributions, both big and small, help improve our local
environment. We have introduced eco-friendly measures
in all that we do, including banning of chemical use in our
Cooling Towers, adding renewable energy sources with state
-of-the-art solar panel systems, treating waste water in our
own Green Water Treatment facility and Mega Park
development. Our dedication to seeking out the newest
initiatives to promote more practical sustainability enables
us to take care of our surroundings and the environment.


In a bustling city where many people
spend their hours at work or in traffic
jams, the best way to counter
sedentary lifestyles is to head
outdoors. It’s simple, especially at
Megacity when you have your own
green park. Mega Park was carefully
designed with all our visitors in mind.
Sprawling green spaces and
thoughtfully planted trees line the
park with Mother Nature’s touch for
that green escape to relax and revive.


Water is the source of life and we at Megacity have
dedicated much of our sustainability efforts towards
building the most innovative waste water treatment
facility around. Internationally recognized and
standardized for every future development and
expansion, our water treatment process is effective,
efficient and effortless. No drop goes wasted as we
filter and recycle waste water to be used for
landscaping and toilet tanks.


Here comes the sun and with it energy and
the hope for a brighter tomorrow. Megabangna
utilizes “green” electricity into the city grid.
We do this by sourcing solar energy from
a massive solar panel system that covers
almost 8,000 sqm of the shopping centre’s
rooftop. With this, we are able to harness
enough clean energy to power 200 homes,
and cut down on 716,000 kgs of carbon
emissions each year.