Comfort, Ease, Convenience and Community
top the list of reasons why Megacity is
the place to be. Our strategic location
in the Eastern economic corridor
of Bangkok provides an all-access pass
to the city’s most promising real estate
and business destination.


Megacity leverages the emerging economy of Eastern Bangkok to capture a market with strong purchasing power. Upwards of more than
5 million people live within a 30-minute range of Megacity, with an average household income of THB 150,000 a month.


This strategic location in the Bangna-Trad area attracts
neighboring residential developments, international schools,
pristine golf destinations, retail highlights and industrial
estates. We capitalize on the spending power of our affluent
local and international community on Bangna-Trad by
building a commonplace, offering a sense of belonging,
and investing in our future for everyone to enjoy.


The current express way and highway
position our location as one of the
most prominent and promising for
future business growth. Works are
already ongoing on the MRT yellow
line while the development of a future
monorail will connect the BTS Green
line with Suvarnabhumi International
Airport, featuring a station right
in front of Megacity.


We are proud to have Megabangna Shopping Centre
as our hub for shopping, entertainment, leisure and dining.
Welcoming over 4 million visitors each month, Megabangna
is the largest regional shopping centre in Eastern Bangkok,
offering a great day out for families and friends alike.


Megacity is well equipped and ready to serve with advanced road access and reliable utility infrastructure to
support any of our mixed-use development endeavors.

The connectivity on ground and elevated levels are in place to provide convenience and accessibility between
properties and to Megabangna Shopping Centre.

Ring road structure
connecting each
on ground

Pedestrian bridges
enhancing elevated
accessibility to
and from all

Utility infrastructure
providing supply
and way of connection
directly into
the development

Public transportation
facilities adding
convenience and
choices to commute.


We offer time and investment saving opportunities
with our already established location and
innovative facilities. Economies of scale
also allow us to provide you with lower
construction costs.