Megabangna and Department of Highways reveal plan to build
a new U-turn bridge on Bangna-Trad Road to increase efficiency
and safety for commuters

Megabangna shopping centre, operated by SF Development, has donated 95 million Baht to the Department of Highways (DOH) for the construction of a new U-turn bridge on Bangna-Trad Road Km.7 to alleviate traffic congestions and reduce traffic accidents in areas near Megabangna as well as supporting development of the network of eastern highways.
Mr. Christian Olofsson, shopping centre and mixed-use director of IKEA Southeast Asia, said “Megabangna is committed to the principles of sustainable business growth based on social responsibility and public participation, which we believe will benefit both the society and the business simultaneously. We found that 40% of Megabangna’s customers are using Outer Ring Road to drive towards the north and Bangna-Trad Road to drive towards the east after their visit to Megabangna. They have to use the nearest U-turn bridge on Bangna-Trad Road at Km.4.5, which is 4 km. away from the shopping centre and often congested, especially during peak hours.”
“Megabangna and the Department of Highways jointly studied the feasibility of a new U-turn bridge on Bangna-Trad Road at Km.7. The new bridge will increase convenience for our customers on their inbound and outbound trips and improve the efficiency of our parking. Once the bridge is in use, we expect an increase of visitation to Megabangna over 20% per month. In addition, it will facilitate traffic, reduce time and improve safety for commuters, both visitors to Megabangna and the general public.”
Anon Luangboriboon, Director-General of the Department of Highways (DOH), said “The key policy of our department is to develop the country’s land transport infrastructure with an aim to enable the economy to grow rapidly and sustainably. The eastern area of Bangkok in recent years has seen drastic residential and commercial growth, while Bangna-Trad Road in the area serves as the main artery connecting Bangkok with the eastern region as well as the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) under the national economic strategies. Bangna-Trad Road is therefore a major economic road, but it is often congested and needs attention.
The new U-turn bridge at Km.7 will improve the capability and potential of Bangna-Trad as well as the larger highway network in the eastern region. The project will increase convenience and safety for commuters and support the country’s economic development.”
The project to construct a new U-turn bridge on Bangna-Trad Road, also known as Highway 34, at Km.7. will be managed by the Department of Highways, while Megabangna, under SF Development, will fund the project. Construction is expected to be completed in 2020.